"Crop Dusters"
Limited Edition Giclee Print
- Pastel Painting of Bees in an Almond Orchard -
Cover of American Bee Journal

The Honeybee is not native to the United States. They are European in origin, and were brought to North America by the early settlers. Honeybees account for 80 per cent of all insect pollination, without them we would see a significant decrease in the Agriculture in the United States. The Bee is an Amazing insect, from the Pollen they collect to the Beekeepers Hive, it would take pages to describe all of the interesting Bee Facts that there are. The most important fact is quite simply, 'We Need Them'.

I am having SO much Fun painting Bees. In this Pastel Painting the Almond Tree is being Pollinated by the Bee as they fly back and forth from their Beehive to the Almond Blossom. In my other Bee Art Paintings, Beeline, Gathering Time, and Hangtime, I have learned so many Interesting things that I Really look forward to my next Bee painting.

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16" x 20" BLACK FRAME

Outside Frame Dimension: 20" x 24"
Triple Matted:
Top Mat - Carbon Black Suede
Middle Mat - Gold
Bottom Mat - Graphite

16" x 20" BLACK FRAME

Outside Frame Dimension: 20" x 24"
Triple Matted:
Top Mat - Spruce Suede
Middle Mat - Maroon
Bottom Mat - Gold

Purchasing Info:
Limited Edition Framed Print $345
Free Shipping in U.S.A.
Image size: 11" x 14"
Frame size: 16" x 20"
Triple Matted With Spacer To Give The Painting Depth
Conservation Glass And Title Plate
Dust Cover, Certificate Pocket, Felt Bumpers, and Coated Hanging Wire
Unframed Limited Edition Print $85
Unframed Limited Edition Artist Proof Print $160
Free Shipping in U.S.A.

"Crop Dusters"