"Fly Fishing"
Limited Edition Giclee Print
- Pastel Painting of a Bald Eagle -

The Bald Eagle has been the National Emblem of The United States since 1782. These Eagles are the only Eagle unique to North America and after years of being protected by The Endangered Species Act they have been reclassified as Threatened. It has been suggested that because of their success that they will soon be removed from The Endangered Species List. How Majestic they are with their White Head and Tail and six to seven foot wingspan. The Male and Female mate for life, which can be up to Thirty Years. They build enormous nests that can weigh up to One Ton, and are usually at the top of a tree.
This Pastel Painting depicts a Bald Eagel "Fly Fishing" for a Rainbow Trout in the pool below Burney Falls. Burney Falls is in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park in Northern California. It is located between two old volcanos. To the North is 14,000 foot Mount Shasta, and to the South by 10,000 foot Mount Lassen. Because of the Volcanic Activity in the Region the Source of Burney Falls is from Underground Springs only one-half mile Upstream from the Waterfall. The Stratigraphically-controlled Spring is one of the best examples in the Western United States of a Waterfall formed by Undercutting of Horizontal Rock Layers. Burney Falls has a flow of 100 Million Gallons per Day and Flows at that level all year long. Theodore Roosevelt called Burney Falls "The Eighth Wonder Of The World".

How Exciting it is to depict Wildlife Art that is near my Hometown of Redding, CA. Not only does Burney Falls run year-round but the Bald Eagles in Shasta County are year-round residents as well. I Love It.....

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20" x 24" BLACK FRAME

Outside Frame Dimension: 24" x 28"
Triple Matted:
Top Mat - Carbon Black Suede
Middle Mat - Gold
Bottom Mat - Graphite

20" x 24" BLACK FRAME

Outside Frame Dimension: 24" x 28"
Triple Matted:
Top Mat - Spruce Suede
Middle Mat - Maroon
Bottom Mat - Gold

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Limited Edition Framed Print $395
Free Shipping in U.S.A.
Image size: 12" x 16"
Frame size: 20" x 24"
Triple Matted With Spacer To Give The Painting Depth
Conservation Glass And Title Plate
Dust Cover, Certificate Pocket, Felt Bumpers, and Coated Hanging Wire
Unframed Limited Edition Print $85
Unframed Limited Edition Artist Proof Print $160
Free Shipping in U.S.A.

"Fly Fishing"