"Mane Attraction"
Limited Edition Giclee Print
- Pastel Painting of Gypsy Horses -

The Gypsy Vanner, also known as a Gypsy Cob, Coloured Cob, or Irish Cob, is a beautiful and rare new breed of horse envisioned by the European Gypsies. It is relatively new to North America and there is some mystique surrounding the origin and development of this special horse. It is derived from the Shires, Clydesdales, Friesians, and Dales Ponies. They were bred to pull the Gypsies colorful wagons and therefore needed to be both a Show Horse and a Work Horse. There is no doubt that they have achieved both.

From the moment I saw my first Gypsy Vanner, I knew I "Needed To" paint a Pastel Painting of these Glorious Horses. I grew up with my own Pinto Horse and was in awe at the Size, Beauty, and Personality of the Gypsy Horses. In my Painting I just had to show their Silky Hair. In fact, it inspired the Horse Art title of "Mane Attraction". I hope someone near my Hometown of Redding, CA will own one soon, so I don't have to go so far to Admire them!

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16" x 20" BLACK FRAME

Outside Frame Dimension: 19.5" x 23.5"
Triple Matted:
Top Mat - Carbon Black Suede
Middle Mat - Gold
Bottom Mat - Graphite

16" x 20" BLACK FRAME

Outside Frame Dimension: 19.5" x 23.5"
Triple Matted:
Top Mat - Spruce Suede
Middle Mat - Maroon
Bottom Mat - Gold

Purchasing Info:
Limited Edition Framed Print $325
Free Shipping in U.S.A.
Image size: 11" x 14"
Frame size: 16" x 20"
Triple Matted With Spacer To Give The Painting Depth
Conservation Glass And Title Plate
Dust Cover, Certificate Pocket, Felt Bumpers, and Coated Hanging Wire
Unframed Limited Edition Print $85
Free Shipping in U.S.A.

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