"Sunrise Pintails"
Limited Edition Giclee Print
- Pastel Painting of Pintail Ducks -

The Pintail, or Northern Pintail, is a widely occurring Duck which nests on the ground in open wetlands. Northern Pintails are among the first ducks to migrate south in the fall and north in the spring. Over half of the Pintail population in North America migrates through California. The majority of these birds winter in the Central Valley of California, but some continue south to the west coast of Mexico. Pintails using the Central Flyway winter in the Texas Panhandle and the Gulf Coast of Texas and western Louisiana. The majority of pintails using the Mississippi Flyway winter in Louisiana with smaller numbers wintering in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. Northern Pintails are common winter visitors to Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America. Pintails can also be found in southern Europe, northern Africa and southern Asia. They are gregarious ducks and often gather in flocks of Hundreds of Birds. This Elegant Duck with its trim form and swift flight, has be dubbed 'The Greyhound of the Air'.

I painted this Drake and Hen Northern Pintail Ducks standing in a Wetland Habitat at Sunrise. I Love Painting Wildlife Art.

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14" x 22" BLACK FRAME

Outside Frame Dimension: 17.5" x 25.5"
Triple Matted:
Top Mat - Carbon Black Suede
Middle Mat - Gold
Bottom Mat - Graphite

Purchasing Info:
Limited Edition Framed Print $240
Image size: 6"x14"
Frame size: 14"x22"
Triple Matted With Spacer To Give The Painting Depth
Conservation Glass And Title Plate
Dust Cover, Certificate Pocket, Felt Bumpers, and Coated Hanging Wire
Unframed Limited Edition Print $50

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